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The Will to Survive

A drawing of three men in a jail cell, there are COVID-19 particles floating in the air around them. One man stands reaching had hand out beyond the bars with a tear coming from his eye, the other two are weak and resting on the ground with their eyes closed.

I am Vaccinated

A full body drawing of a superhero man with red boots, tight green pants, and large black fists. His belt has a radioactive symbol in flames, and blue background. The chest has three stars and purple ridges build off the body on the shoulders, arms, and booots. The man has a letter A on the forehead and has short dark hair. There are words written vertically in block letters that say, " I am vaccinated!"

Praying During Covid

A cartoonish line drawing of a man from the shoulders up, he is wearing a surgical mask and has his hands pressed together for prayer. He is wearing a blue shirt and has short brown hair and blue eyes.


an inkpen drawing of a skeleton wearing a torn suit with a fist raised. It stands on a cracked and torn street corner with a glass door that has a sign reading, "Help wanted," and "no mask no entry."

The Pandemic

A horizontal drawing of a large skull with blue eyes, beside it there are various objects: a sharp blade dripping red blood, a tube vile with particles leaking out, splatters of blood, and a large number ninteen with the word "covid," and a skull written over the one.

Through the Valley in the Shadow of Covid

A man holds a young girls hand as they walk on a brown path that has large blue and red circles representing COVID-19 on each side of the path. The sky is a dark blue with a yellow sunset.


Bright splotches of color, some making the shape of the COVID19 Virus, over a dark grey and brown backgorund. There are flags of the countries: Denmark, China, Japan, Nigeria, Ukraine, and France. A white patch is inscribed, "W.H.O. U.N."

Kill Covid

A skeleton wearing a University of Michigan mask, is holding a pnk syringe in one hand, and the Earth in the other. In the background, there is the United States flag, and over the stripes, cursive ombre letters that say, "Kill COVID."

Absurd Inhumanities

In a large blue room with yellow horizontal panel of windows, there are people divided by a sheet of glass. One is in a prison uniform, the other is a woman and someone else. They touch their hands to each side of the glass, wearing COVID masks. There is a sign on the back wall that ways "Must wear mask! Fully Vacinated! Negative test! Stay behind glass!!!"


A point of view painting of the foot of a hospital bed, wall, and sliver of a window to the right that exposes some building. There are large diamond like shapes near the top left and middle of the painting. The blue shapes have long lines extending from each of the points. They obscure what is behind them on the wall: a black telvsion and white board with green marker written on it.

Covid Clown

A drawing of the features of a clown; large eyes with jail cell reflection, and circle nose. The clown features are surrounded by a single rose drawn diagonally across the page. There are also thick curling lines, and COVID-19 particles drawn around the page. To the right there is text written vertically in sharp dark letters, "covid 19."

Fully Vaccinated

A realistic pencil drawing of a young Latino boy and woman outside in front of a fence. They are smiling as if for a picture. The boy is wearing a jacket and black rectangular glasses. The woman has long dark hair and thin eyebrows. There is a drawing of a syringe in the botton right corner with text that says," Fully vaccinated!"

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