Digital Exhibition Designers


Adriana Alcala


Nora Krinitsky

Prison Creative Arts Project Curators


Janie Paul, Senior Curator and Exhibition Co-Founder


Jeff Clark


Caleb Foerg


Graham Hamilton


Charlie Michaels


Bryan Picken


Sarah Unrath


Kimiko Uyeda


Martín Vargas


Megan Wilson

Prison Creative Arts Project Staff and Faculty


Nora Krinitsky, Director


Vanessa Mayesky, Associate Director


Graham Hamilton, Arts Programming Coordinator (former)


Sarah Unrath, Arts Programming Coordinator


Mary Heinen McPherson, Program Coordinator


Ashley Lucas, PCAP Faculty and former Director


Phil Christman, Michigan Review of Prison Creative Writing Editor

Special Thanks


Graham Hamilton served as Arts Programming Coordinator at PCAP from 2014 through 2022 after having volunteered with PCAP for several years before that. He recently left his position at PCAP to pursue new opportunities and time with family. Needless to say, Graham was an invaluable asset to the Annual Exhibition during his time with PCAP. Under Graham’s direction, PCAP gained access to artists in all Michigan Department of Corrections facilities and at all securities levels. It is an achievement of which all of us at PCAP are deeply proud and grateful. Graham brought a wide range of talents to his work, from working with facility staff, to preparing art, to installation, to corresponding with and supporting artists. ​​Ultimately though, there are no greater accolades for a PCAP community member than the ones that come from artists and creators inside prison. Every PCAP artist speaks of Graham with deep admiration, appreciation, and love. He will be dearly missed in his role as Arts Programming Coordinator, but he will always be part of the PCAP community and will no doubt return year after year to see the art created by his many dear friends inside prison. Please join us in wishing him well in his next adventures!

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