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A large white page with gently curved streaks of feathered and blended colors: blue and black spots, pink thin lines, strong yellow and orange streaks, and one thick and final black stroke. The colors begin in the top left corner, curve down toward the center and move up toward the right corner. The entire edge of the paper has text that reads clockwise, "I am, the product of a fatherless child having to raise myself to become a man amongst a group of young brothers like myself...I am, the voice of my struggle, a voice thats so familiar, a voice thats rigid, hoarse and ravished threw the upbringing of oppression, that has transformed the young mentals to an revolutionary mind state...I am, a believer in justice, equality, freedom, and peace...the four principals that makes up my foundation, I strive for education, economics, politics and social development within unity of our people in an organized fashion...I am, a man physically locked away from my family, meant to be forgotten...to break...to fold to drown and never reemerge, and mind so free like a soaring bird. I am, born again...A am, a Blackman in America with paranoia thats deep rooted within the Black community culture...I am, a mirror reflecting of my old past to my present self, thats hurling over new obstacles in my life...I am George "Rahoib" PriceI am a seeker of knowledge, a prowler for education, and wanting to be a master of my abilities...I am, a statistic, fit inside of the faceless governments eye to be exactly what they system was designed for me to be...a number...I am, imperfectky perfect to my mother and daughter in an American society that demands perfection...I am, broken boy struggling threw oppression to become a man...I am, a prisoner forced to be wild as a tornado, but wishing I oculd be a gentle breeze...I am, a progressive generation that will break barriers and form new paths in life, that will tear away the chains and rise above poverty, that will use whats given to make ways for ourselfs thatr un-heard of...I am, a son to a beautiful Black strong women who taught me to be independent and to learn from my mistakes for they do not define me...."

What do I See??

three pages arranged diagonally, with collaged images from magazines. The images leave no blank spaces, and repreating images include: motorcycles, nature, dogs, Native American imagery, and text. Samples of text from the collage are words and phrases such as, "Be in your moment," or, "Ive never felt so alone in my life." Additonally, "Make every day count," and "I would life to be a mom one day, and this terrifies me." In the top left there is collaged text that repeats the titles of the piece, "my life what do I see?"

Dreaming of the Forest

a black and white painting of abstracted brush strokes that build up to the top of the painting. There is a paragraph of white text painted on the lower left that reads, "Recently a man in Paris got away with stealing several painting from the louvre. However after pinning the crime and getting in and out past security, he was captured. Only two blocks away his renault van ran out of fuel, when ask how he could mastermind such a crime and then make such an obvious error he replied: I had no money to buy degas to make the Van Gogh."

Beauty is Timeless, but it is not a Perfect Code

a drawing over a black page, of an abstracted face that has a clock forehead amd swirly eyes, and open mouth with pink lips. There are chunks of flesh falling off and dripping pink. Around the clock are roman numerals and phrases that flow to the bottom of the page in short lines. They say words like, "Trust, price, family, loyalty, love," and more.


A portrait of a Black woman from the shoulders up, she has long silver thick hair, and glitter red lips. She is wearing gold dangley earrings and a red tank top with a pin of a person on it. There is text from the left that carries to the right written in red that says, "When you look forward, behind you doesn't exist."

Darkness who?

A sihlouette of a person, behind them is a soft yellow light. The background is a mixture of reds and yellows and is dark. There is a grey triangle that has black text at the top that says in sursive, "darkness is no match," and over the black sihlouette, "for my light."

Shattered Woman

A floating head of a fragmented face, with long dark hair and big blue eyes. The left side of the face has yellow and orange forehead and nose, and a brown cheek where a blue tear is falling. The right side has tan skins and a smile, there is a yellow light around the hair. In the upper left corner there is a bright yellow star. In the bottom right corner there is pink highlighted text that says,"broken women surrounded by a dark cloud wishing on a star."

Failure is Not an Option

a shadow box like sculpture that has a purple and yellow collaged border, that has two rectangular opening. In each section there are boxes of text surrounded by cutouts of birds, flowers, and various butterflies.

They Tried to Bury You But Your 2 Seed

A painting of a tree split into two different environments, around the base of the tree is a round circle of dirt with text that says, "They buried you, but you're a seed." The left of the tree has purple leaves and a yellow background with more green and purple trees. The left is a large reflective body of water and large mountain.


a painting of a personified red and white spotted mushroom holding a staff with mushrooms, there is an orange pill bottle and syringe hanging from it's arm. In the other hand it is holding a severed head of a furry monkey like creature that has it's mouth open and is crosseyed. The mushroom person is wearing a long tan mask, and a purple waistband. The background is a purple sky and dirt like ground. There is white painted text over them that says, "Addiction what dosen't kill doesn't always strengthen."

Let Equality Bloom

A red square painting with grey spletter texture, there is a glitter filled sihlouette of a person from the chest up facing the left, on their head is a blac kand white boquet of roses. In white dripping letters at the top of the page, there are words reading, "let equality bloom."

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