Digital Exhibition Designers


Alyssa Baginski


Nora Krinitsky


Charlie Michaels


Lauren Ors


Rita Sayegh

Prison Creative Arts Project Curators


Janie Paul, Senior Curator and Exhibition Co-Founder


Alyssa Baginski


Jessy Butts


El Chen


Jeff Clark


Caleb Foerg


Graham Hamilton


Charlie Michaels


Vince Mountain


Bryan Picken


Kimiko Uyeda


Martín Vargas


Jason Wright

Prison Creative Arts Project Staff and Faculty


Nora Krinitsky, Interim Director


Vanessa Mayesky, Associate Director


Graham Hamilton, Arts Programming Coordinator


Mary Heinen McPherson, Program Coordinator


Fernanda Pires, Public Relations/Storyteller


Ashley Lucas, PCAP Faculty


Phil Christman, Michigan Review of Prison Creative Writing Editor

Prison Creative Arts Project Founder



Buzz Alexander founded the Prison Creative Arts Project in 1990 and from that point on, he dedicated his life to working with incarcerated people. For many years, he was the facilitator and a member of the Sisters Within Theatre Troupe at Michigan women’s prisons and the facilitator of the Poets’ Corner at men’s prisons in Jackson. In 1996 he and his partner, Janie Paul, co-founded the Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners. Powerfully influenced by educators Paolo Freire and Myles Horton, Buzz developed his own way of guiding students in their own personal relationships to inequality, injustice and mass incarceration. His most far-reaching contribution was the creation of a unique liberatory teaching method that educated thousands of students who facilitated theater, writing, and art workshops in prisons and juvenile facilities. Creating a model that forged partnerships between college students and incarcerated people, he influenced hundreds of alumni who have become social workers, teachers, human rights workers, defense attorneys and activists working to end mass incarceration. The incredible story is chronicled in his book, Is William Martinez Not Our Brother? (2010). 

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