Explore these gallery pages to view the artworks in the 25th Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners. The pages highlight some of the most important themes and forms of art in the exhibition and they encourage you to think about the unique perspectices of incarcerated artists.

When you click on an individual piece of art in the gallery, you will be able to see more information about the piece including the artist's name, the prison where it was created, a link to the artist's statement, and the sale price and log number of the piece. To view all the artworks in the show, visit the Browse All page.

Front Wall

(1) Arrested Developement, Lawrence Dantzler-Bey(2) Moon & Owl, Jeffrey Davis; (3) The Pursuit of Happiness, Christopher M. Campos; (4) The Young Old Men at KCF, Oliger Merko; (5) Michigan Leopard, Chad A. Williams; (6) Fresh Out of the Oven, Liam; (7) The Mighty - KAR-no-TAWR-us, Travis Sprouse; (8) Smotherer's Milk, Moses Whitepig; (9) False Narrative, Alvin Smith; (10) When Spring Turns to Fall, Ryan Whitson; (11) The Scientist #3, David McKinney; (12) Outside the Box, J. Blakie

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