Historical and contemporary artists alike commonly express their views about important subjects and use their artwork to make statements about politics. The popular phrase "the personal is political" is evident here in work made by artists that express patriotism in different forms - by both celebrating and by critiquing political institutions and figures - and by tying their personal experiences with incarceration to larger structural issues.

Forget Me Not

Melvin K. Williams

Corruption Killed Justice

David L. Forbes II

Soldiers of Fortune

Makayla Rose Watkins #613838

Mirror Evolution of America

Dr. C. Jerome Harden-Bey


Makayla Rose Watkins #613838


Little Bear

Food for Thought

Black Superman

Stuffed Olives

Lance W. Ruimveld

The Baby

Samuel Henderson (#475758)

Political Games

Steven Winston

Win Lose Never Forgotten

André Watts-Bey

Uncle Sam

Nino Tanzini

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