In prison, perhaps more than anywhere else, it is liberating to create a place to inhabit, to feel the familiarity of the natural world and the enticing possibilities that lie on the horizon or at a distance. Landscape is also an accessible and forgiving genre for beginning artists and a way for artists to transport themselves beyond prison walls to places from their memories or imaginations.


David M. Harper Sr.

Leap of Joy

Arthur E. Harriger

Salt Lake City

Justin Gibson

Sitting Duck

Paul D. Mullholland

Farm Hand "2"

William (Cowboy) Wright


David M. Harper Sr.

The Pack

Arthur E. Harriger

Hidden Image Landscape

Dan Rummelt 456134


John Jerry Jancar Jr.

A Small Village

J. Gostlin

Meant To Be

Daniel Turrentine

Amish Farm


Mountain Cabin

J. Gostlin

40 Brain

Bryant Ziegler

Better Times

Adam Starkey #670923

Subconscious Vision


Tawas Point Light

Richard Nixon

Harbor Jewels

Oliger Merko

Windmill w. Harbor

Paul McNee

Grand Haven

Paul McNee

The Dock


A Dream Home

Andrew Raodarmel

Keeping the Love You Find

Serge Tkachenko

Love in the Distance

Curse Gifted the Stray Dog

He is Risen

Almiron Overman

Barn in the U.S.A.

Norman Munn


Serge Tkachenko

She Remains

Curse Gifted the Stray Dog

Small World

Aqua Charlie 17

Living Water

R. Scott Miller

73 Mach 1 & Barn

David E. Hursley

North Carolina 2


Heaven on Earth

KayLee Booth


Robert Hills


Hope Ratliff

Jungle Fever

Sharon Davis

Photographic Memory

Nathan Kerley

My Special Place


Eagles and Bear Fishing

Dwayne Mikowski

Remote Living

Robert Jones

Isolated with Hope

Ryan Gervenak

Where I Live

Ryan Gervenak

Cowboys Tavern

William (Cowboy) Wright


Bradlee Cournaya

Old Guide

Shawn Remington

Visting Dublin

Gilbert Poole

Adobe South West

Jimmy Joe

Venice Colors

T. Norris-Bey

Rout 66 Hiway

Ken Swanson

Our Flower Garden

Richard Dolinsek


Nathaniel Morrice

Hang Ten

Steven Corteway

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